What is Queen?

I suppose some of you reading this have already heard my opinion about the name change. Before I state it clearly, I want to say that I am not seeking to rebel against the authority God has placed over me.  If the name bothered me that much, I have the option of leaving; while I’m here, however, I need to respect those above me.

That being said, I think there is an underlying issue with the name change that many have failed to address or point out. Cairn is not all that bad of a word, and the meaning is nice—it doesn’t lend itself well to pronounce in casual conversation, but it could be worse. My problem does not arise from the phonetics of the name, or the meaning of the name. My problem arises from the shift that I see this name representing.

My personal belief is that “theology is Queen of the sciences.” As Christians, we should primarily be concerned with understanding the Doctrines of God, and allowing the illumination of God and His Word to enlighten our understanding of every other discipline. I believe that, at the core, this is different than the idea of integration. When we look at the various disciplines of study separately, only to try our best to make them all interconnect and work together, we have integrated. When we have looked at everything else from the foundation that God’s Word is true and pure and everything else must be both illuminated by His Word, and brought into subjection to His word, have we given the study of God the place that it deserves.

In recent months, as you all know, Philadelphia Biblical University has cut several of the Bible requirements and opened the door for students to graduate without getting a degree in Scriptural study. Simultaneously, there has been a very intentional push to add to the core of the curriculum more classes in Psychology, the Arts, History, and Sociology. Now, don’t misunderstand me here, I thoroughly enjoy all of those disciplines and think they are worthy of our time and study; my fundamental concern is that they are being given an equal place of study as the Word of God. Theology is no longer Queen. The name, by removing the word “Biblical” is simply a marker that we are no longer just a place to study the Scriptures, we are much more. I think the term more, and the way it has been used, is important. Our field of study has expanded to the point that Scripture and Theology are now some among many of the disciplines we study—they are no longer Queen.

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4 Responses to What is Queen?

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  2. Teritin says:

    Mr. Fixler, is anyone suggesting that opposition to a prospective name change is a lack of submission to authority? Because that would be a disturbing development.

  3. Zak Fixler says:

    I’m not suggesting that students are unable to voice their concerns without being in open rebellion to authority–I’m not suggesting that at all. I myself just voiced my concern in the above post. What I was talking about had more to do with respect–PBU isn’t a democracy, decisions aren’t made with the majority and we need to be aware that whoever is making decisions might make ones that we disagree with. Just because we disagree with their decisions, we need to still be ever mindful that they are the authority God has placed over us, and they deserve our continued respect.

    Thank you for the comment.

  4. Theodore Vance says:

    I met my wife at PCB & graduated in 1967. My daughter graduated also from PCB. My son enter PCB & graduated from PBU. It is sad to degenerate from Bible to biblical & now to Karen University. (Karen who?) It is sad to see Bible requirements cut. I expect that this name change will lead to a demise (as with Dallas Bible College) or secularization. What did Harvard start out as?

    You simply cannot maintain a strong doctrinal & Bible position if you expand into other areas too much. You can’t find faculty with the PCB POV to fill all those other subjects. You may get men who sign anything to get a job, & then vote to water down & secularize the school.

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