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The Clear What?

All of life has those things which look solid from afar, but when approached are nothing more than mist and air. There are always some apples which appear good, and turn out rotten the moment you slice into them; there … Continue reading

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Continuity or Discontinuity?

Many Evangelicals today are becoming more and more aware of how to do grammatical-historical biblical interpretation. What we fail at is discussing the assumptions we bring to the Bible before we even get to thinking about authors-and-audiences-and-contexts. The result? Most of … Continue reading

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Cheer Up, Buttercup

Since the rise of Scofieldism in the last hundred years or so there has been an increasingly pessimistic outlook on the culmination of history. It seems that the dominant eschatological view today is equivalent to that of a house that … Continue reading

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Romans 1:16 — To the Jew first?

I was recently asked by a friend of mine to give an interpretation of Romans 1:16. I decided to write it out on here, hopefully to elicit comment and critique. So, here I go. For I am not ashamed of … Continue reading

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