Machen on Freedom and Law

This excerpt is worth sharing, so, here I go.

“…all sorts of things are being proposed to check the ravages of crime. One proposes that we shall all be fingerprinted and be treated like paroled criminals required to show identification cards as we walk the streets, whenever required to do so according to the whims of the police,–no longer allowed to go about our business unhindered until there is some sort of legitimate suspicion that we are guilty of crime. Another proposes that teachers even in private schools and Christian schools shall be regarded as government officials, being required to take an oath of allegiance as is done in Hitlerized Germany. A thousand nostrums are being brought to our attention, different in many particulars but all alike in being destructive of that civil and religious liberty which our fathers won at such a cost.

Such measures will never accomplish even the end that they have in view. Patriotism can never be implanted in people’s hearts by force. The attempt to do that serves only to crush out patriotism when it is already there. The march of communism or other forms of slavery can never checked by suppression of freedom of speech. Such suppression serves only to render more dangerous the progress of the destructive ideas.

What then is the remedy for the threatened disruption of society and for the rapidly progressing decay of liberty?

There is really only one remedy. It is the rediscovery of the law of God.”

Excerpt taken from The Christian View of Man by J. Gresham Machen, 1937. There are many more gems from this book, some which I will try to get onto here at some point.

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