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Which Worldview?

Early last week I stumbled across a news article that spoke of a woman who was forced to resign her position at a Muslim school for not adhering to the Quran-inspired dress code. The dress code would require her to … Continue reading

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Gospel Centered Dominion

One charge that I have heard made more than once against the Christian Reconstruction movement is that it lacks gospel centrality. Some would say that spending too much time in the areas of politics or cultural transformation takes away from … Continue reading

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Who’s in Charge Here?

This post is partly prompted by all the political hoopla in our country as of late as well as a video I watched online. The video was called “Is it a Sin to Vote for a Mormon on Roman Catholic?”[1] It was … Continue reading

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Onward, Christian Soldier

There is much controversy in the world today when discussing the issue of social transformation for the follower of Christ. All one has to do is turn on the news to see the tension between Bible-believing Christians and the secular … Continue reading

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The Covenantal Structure of the Sacraments

This post is not a theological treatise I have painstakingly come up with on my own. This is more just a regurgitation of something very interesting that I have read in a couple different books as of late. In his … Continue reading

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Cheer Up, Buttercup

Since the rise of Scofieldism in the last hundred years or so there has been an increasingly pessimistic outlook on the culmination of history. It seems that the dominant eschatological view today is equivalent to that of a house that … Continue reading

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